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Pigeon Impossible: A secret agent's mission is ruined by a pigeon! Rescore. I composed and recorded live orchestra for this film 

"Alma" - creepy animation for which I wrote the music and also did some of the sound design. 

The Seed: The story of a humble apple seed.

"Mr. 8" - Piano only score. Mr. 8 is struggling to find a girlfriend... Animator - Cecilia Lu.

2 cues from "The Passion" (BBC Series)

"Sword and Flower" directed by Yulan Sun. Music won 2nd place at the Athens Anifest Film festival. Password: 123

Having won the Film Orchestra Competition, my score for "Alma" was played live along with the film by the RCM Film Music Orchestra.

super sema logo.jpg

This ground-breaking African Series is not just entertainment; it's a mission: to diversify kid's media and encourage kids of all backgrounds to engage in science, tech and creativity!


The Woman Who Lives In My Work

Commissioned by the Stellar International Art Foundation, this piece pays tribute to Indian artist M F Husain. The piece takes the form of a journey between the three paintings below. 

Choral Piece, premiered at the Queen's Gallery, Buckhingham Palace. Setting of a Burns Poem.

Double Negative - Excerpt

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